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Soon after dawn on the first Saturday in 1999's October, Shawn King stepped into a major intersection in North Scottsdale, jaywalking against a red light.  In the middle of the street, he met with the front end of a 1950 Chevrolet pickup truck.
After the meeting, the pickup had to be towed away; Shawn ("Zest", as he was called by the EMT crew) had to be flown away.



After months in the hospital with surgeries and therapy and Higher Assistance, Shawn was on his way to recovery staying at his parents' house.  After a couple years of hard work with many alternative methods, Shawn had progressed enough to take a trip, with loads of assistance. 


The Recovery

After many more years of hard work and cetera, Shawn was able to take a trip without requiring much assistance.  His recovery was still progressing even after eight years, as it is now, after eleven years.
As mentioned above, the book on which Shawn is currently working will tell you all about it.

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A book is coming which will tell
all about this remarkable story!

Shawn vs Steel: Zest's visit to life's edge

Which is currently in development. We'll let you know right here as soon as 'tis available.  For now, you can check out bits of the story by the pictures his dad took and compiled into the

picture book, From Trauma One to Independence, 1999..2002



♦ Scottsdale Healthcare—Osborn

♦ Harvest Family Church

♦ Fusion Training Systems, Robert DiCicco

corrective conditioning

♦ Kimberly Carroll PsyD

psychological assistance

David Jecmen PhD ♦

psychological assistance

♦ Schulte Institute, HJ Schulte MD


♦ Beljan Psychological Services

neurocognitive therapy

Natalie Ceballos ♦

brain training

Nontraditional paths have worked!

— stellar assistance providers —


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