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Status as of  2011/10/08

Status of the book:
Shawn vs Steel: Zest's visit to life's edge

This book is being written.  As it is still being lived (Recovery Report).  "Each time it seems my recovery comes to a perfect place for ending the book, some new advancement occurs that must be in the book. Therefore, I have decided that the advancement that is going to end the book is when I have written about things up until the present time, whatever that 'present time' may be." the author relates.

But the increasing length of the story is not the only issue delaying the book's release. Shawn is also doing many other things (most of which are mentioned in the Recovery Report).  Notwithstanding, the book is being written, though there is no specified release date.

For those who like statistics, here are some numbers:

~finalized so far: 13 pages
outline of entire book: 8 pages
notes: 24 pages
plus: hundreds of research pages and other materials
and: pages of cool plans for web content to accompany the book


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